Thursday, August 4, 2011

R is for Rules!

Here are some R's for you. You get the idea of how I make them.
this blue R is a beginner's R.
I like these R's better.

love that fussy cut fabric!
another R, kinda stocky, kinda boring, but I like it.
This R is in Tonya's quilt. After all, a cat wearing a beret - how very Parisian!
This R from Julie's quilt is probably my all-time favorite R.

I'm feeling better, a bit more caught up at work, still tired, doing a lot of reading. I had the photos in this post lined up, and decided you'd all enjoy looking at them even without the how-to's.


Jean said...

Nice Rs. I have been playing catchup since being gone, but plan on getting my letters caught up this week too. Glad you are feeling a bit more rested today!

Susanne (flicKwerk) said...

I continuing with the letters too, and found the R the most complicated unitl now. Love Your Rs,especially the grey one (does the fabric show a map?)! Have a nice weekend!