Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Customer Satisfaction

I went to the local Hobby Lobby today to buy the ribbon I didn't buy last weekend. I found exactly what I needed in a store that was clean, well lit, and filled with friendly, courteous, helpful salespeople.

When I was checking out, the sales clerk said to me, "You look familiar. Did you used to shop at Xxxxxx's? I recognize your bag."

"Yes, and I had a horrible experience there on Saturday."

The clerk nodded. "I hear a lot of stories from customers since I have been here. I worked there for 7 years. I knew I had to leave when I kept getting chewed out for spending so much time with customers. The manager/owner was never polite to me until the day he came into this store and found me working here."

It's amazing in this economy that customers aren't always treated well. When this guy's business fails, he'll undoubtedly blame "the poor economy" or "the big box craft store that came to town and drove away my business" without realizing his attitude was really the underlying cause.


Margery said...

Maybe you could write to him, and tell him what you told us on your blog about why you're never going back there. And tell him that you're not the only one who feels that way.

marilyn said...

You should write a letter, maybe even a letter to the newspaper explaining how customer service is what brings business to a company. I will call a business after I have left if I receive excellent or very poor customer service and let the manager know. that way, they can thank their employees or talk to them about ways to improve. If they don't know the reasons, they can't do anything to fix the troubles. It is really hard, but think that maybe you are going to help this man save his business. Don't be mean in the letter, just state the facts. You will be spending your money where you feel appreciated. I've seen some people expect to be treated like royalty and expect customer service taken to the extreme and the business owner was happy to have them leave the store, but this isn't what it sounds like you expected. I'm glad you found a store that was happy to have your business.

The Selvage Fairy said...

Unfortunately, this store has treated customers this way for as long as I've lived around here. I remember working in a big-chain competator, and hearing customers tell us how much more friendly and helpful we were. That was 1993.
Of course, they're no longer housed in they're very own two-floor showroom. Now they're crammed into a much smaller space. You'd think they would take the hint, but I guess not.

Derby, Ducky said...

While feedback will tell them what is going on, it is another thing if they take it to heart and change.

3anklebiters said...

too many small business owners expect customers to respect them and their service, but they neglect to return the respect. i had a similar experience at a local craft/fabric/hobby shop when the owner asked me to leave my daughters in the car (we were there to buy them a project for a trip to nana's house). where does she think her future customers come from?

Jean said...

I agree that customer service has to be great, though I notice that people use sarcasm in the workplace more and more. I was in a local grocery one AM before work and heard an employee talking to a customer rather rudely and all he wanted to do was check out.