Monday, July 25, 2011

Mmmm... Monday!

The M looks complicated, but don't let it intimidate you. It starts with two strips of fabric sewn to a triangular piece of your background fabric to make a V shape.
Add some background fabric to either side of the middle "V", then sew your letter fabric uprights to either side of that.This yellow M from my sampler quilt, Letters From Home, is OK, but the V almost looks like a hammock. There isn't enough of it connected to the uprights on either side.Here the green V is well anchored to the uprights on either side. That middle V shape can touch the baseline if you like.The strips can be both thick and thin.
The center V shape can be wonky, as in the above examples, or more regular and precise, like these below.In this blue M, I wanted the fabrics to make the letter look like the fabric was folded over itself. The strips are all on the wide side, and all the elements have the same "weight."This M from No Rules for Julie is one of my all time favorites. The strips are thinner and the letter is narrower.
Make your center V shape, then move the uprights on either side around until the letter M looks appealing to you. Then sew the strips. Don't be afraid to play with it a bit first.


Clare said...

M's still daunt me. I started off doing it a different way, but have now started doing them this way too.

Eventually I'll get it right! Currently struggling with DD's Magic quilt.

Do you find that if you don't do letters for a while you forget and have to revert back to "the bible"?

Quiltdivajulie said...

I finally started on my letters last night - will post them tomorrow. To Clare - YES, I go back to Tonya's book when I've been away for a while. AND I come look at Lynne's letters (the Rules quilt in my foyer and here on her blog).

Working small is HARD! I'm used to silly, big letters . . .

Jean said...

Love the M, doesn't look as intimidating as I thought, though I haven't made it yet! I like all your Ms but the black one is my favorite, I think. Like the chunkiness and swirls.

Judy in Michigan said...

I agree. The M looked hard but wasn't. I love all your M's - now I want to make a B/W/Lime quilt with letters! Thanks.