Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Letter B

The letter B is a couple of backwards L shapes (think log cabin) on their sides, one atop the other, with a base strip added, then an upright.
Or you can tie yourself in knots trying to make them slightly rounded, as I did in this attempt:The two B candidates.The fabric I chose for the letter B. It's interesting to note this is the same fabric I used as the letter S in each of the Black and White Rules quilts. It was the "dull" S. Just goes to show what context can do for (or against) color.


Jean said...

I just finished mine! The B was harder, I had to redo a couple of times. Not thinking ahead.

Judy in Michigan said...

I'm behind already. I'll catch up - had some appts. today.
Great tutorials Lynne! Thanks.