Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fortunate F

F is almost exactly like the E, except you don't need the bottom bar going across. And you can give the crossbar a bit of personality by cutting it an an angle, instead of making it end in a 90-degree angle.
You can also slice through the body of the F and add a skinny crossbar so it sticks out on both sides, as in this Red F from the black rules quilt, which just came back from Chris, who quilted it!Add the background fabric to the top bar of the F, add a bit to the end of the crossbar.Trim the background fabric, if you like, and sew the middle crossbar piece to the top piece,Then sew a big chunk of background fabric to the middle crossbar, and add an upright to the left side. Here's the fabric for the F.
Here are two more F's for you, both slightly different.

(click to enlarge to see the details)

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Anonymous said...

I always love to see the quilt on my computer screen! Love it! Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of it! Hugs!