Friday, July 8, 2011

D is for Dots

D is for Dots.
It's also for Dunce, Ducky, Dumbo,Ditz,and Doofus.Of all the letters in the free-pieced alphabet, the one I like least is the upper case D. I just can't seem to get a handle on it.You can click, then click the (dots) photo again for a bigger picture, but don't make the D the way I did. I used WAY TOO MANY steps, and used my seam ripper rather a lot in making this DAMNED (another D word) thing.Here's the fabric I used.

(Actually I should stop complaining. Some of these aren't bad. And I just figured it out. The D should be taller, not short and stout. The second from the top is quite nice. This is what a little bit of distance and time does. Make the letter, put it up on the design wall, and WALK AWAY. Look at it with fresh eyes later. Don't rush to judgement.)

Anybody who wants to join, you are most welcome. Nobody's in a rush, and there is no deadline. The Red Letters will continue on Monday with E.

Have a nice weekend!


Jean said...

I like them all! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Tall and skinny or short and stout ... it all depends on where the letter is going to live once it leaves the sewing table.

Good point about walking away!!

I haven't made any letters for my sampler yet, but I'll get caught up soon ...

Derby, Ducky said...


Michele Bilyeu said...

LOVE what you are doing here, Lynne! I am listed your links at the very top ..after all, A is for Alphabet...of my Liberated Links Tutorials. Great hints and looks.