Saturday, May 7, 2011

Me: 1, Studio: 0

Woo hoo! The sewing studio is CLEAN! I have reorganized my fabric stash and am very happy.

I had four big bins full of fabric less than a fat quarter in size, and those have all been sorted. I added those pieces to the bins that live under my ironing table, and rearranged the shelves in the bookcase to accommodate all the rest. I've added another bin for Selvages, one for Solids, and labeled all the others.
There were some casualties. I found several fat quarters I just hated, and a lot of fabrics folks have given me that I've had over the years and can't stand. I saved some larger more neutral pieces for foundations for a selvage quilt, but there was a lot that is go-go-going.

I have to sort through the stuff in the bureau, but that's another project. All I have to do now is vacuum, and the room will be finished and ready for the next project.


Quiltdivajulie said...


The rug-sucking monster doesn't stand a chance with a whirlwind like you!

DKM said...

So... What's next??? Dragonfly? Peony? Basil?! A basil quilt!

Clare said...

Oh so neat and tidy. Well done you.