Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Never Say Never

This is my quilt, Laughing Out Loud, when I finished it in the summer of 2009.And this was my quilt last Saturday, as I cut out the ties, and unstitched the binding.
Here is the backing, as was ironing it on Sunday.
I'm going to send it out to Chris to be quilted. Why?

Why did I suddenly decide to take apart this quilt and have it be quilted? Was it because of Letters From Home? Was is because of the Exquisite? Was it because of No Rules for Julie? Was it because of The Quick Brown Fox?

No, no, no and no.

It was because of this one, Obsolescence. I told Julie I'd use it as a throw in my living room, for winter evenings when I got a bit chilly while watching TV, but in reality, it's spent every night on my bed.

Every night I sleep under it, and every night I touch it. Finally last week, when I was changing the sheets I decided I wanted Laughing Out Loud to be a "real" quilt. I wanted it to be quilted. So I took it off the bed, and started taking it apart.

Mea Culpa.


Quiltdivajulie said...

I am SO happy ... that you love Obsolescence AND that you are having LOL quilted!

Gotta have a photo shoot for LOL here in TN before it heads back to NH ... what fun!

YES YES YES ... YES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, you are HOOKED!!Yeah! What fun we are having! p.s. I saw where you called this am, I am a PM person, so I was still sleeping, never even heard it. Look forward to quilting this one!

Megan said...

Good to see the Quilt Inspector on the case!

Sydney, Australia