Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chocolate Love

See these fun crazy letters for the word CHOCOLATE? While I thought they looked good on paper, they just didn't look that great when placed next to the other colored words in the quilt. I just wasn't feeling the love. They have to go. They may have been good letters, they may have been interesting, but they just didn't continue the vibe I had going on with the rest of the words, so they are "out."

I spent some time last night re-drafting the word on graph paper, making the letters "life size" (about 4")
All the letters I made for CHOCOLATE have to be re-done. Every. Single. Letter.

Even that nifty "A" I made yesterday (it's too big).

As for Project Runway, I thought Mondo was the better designer by far and deserved to win.


Marina Louw said...

I love the letters, but must agree with you that it does not "fit".

Maybe it could be the start of another word project with different kinds of sweet things?

Sheila said...

I bet the letters would look great by themselves. They are so different from the other ones, that may be the problem.

scraphappy said...

I'm so sad you decided to throw out the old letters. I hope they find their way into something else someday. I hope the new letters blend in better.

NeverBored said...

I agree with you that Mondo was the better designer on Project Runway and was consistent throughout the season with his top designs. Sometimes I wonder if the producers just want an unpredictable ending to a season so their program continues to be talked about.

connie said...

Hi, I love the original letters but I do agree when you put them with the others. Your new letters are going to fit well I think. The original letters are a bit Halloween like, Count Chocula maybe. :-) I enjoy your blog.

Bethany said...

I love all the letters in Chocolate, but I can see what you mean about them not fitting with the other words! I love to see your letters as they are such an inspiration.