Thursday, September 2, 2010


Including the binding, there are eight different WOW (white on white) fabrics in Julie's quilt. In this photo, you can see five. Julie said she likes the way I use multiple WOW in the background instead of sticking with the same one.

(These pins are spaced about 3/4" apart, and yes, I sew my binding down to the front of the quilt. I think it looks better.)

I've rounded the third corner handsewing the binding on the quilt, which is to say I am halfway through. Then I have to add the hanging sleeve, and it will be finished.

It has occurred to me that Julie knows more about the quilt than you might think. She knows what it is (it's a quilt with "X" and she knows what "X" is), and she knows what colors I've used (she was very specific) and she asked for asterisks and butterflies.

Julie and I will be mailing these out to each other on September 14th. (She's got a secret quilt she's holding for me. It's name is "Obsolescence", and has a nickname of "O.") That way we'll receive them at the same time. Why the 14th? Because Julie will be traveling the week of Sept 5. So if the planets align perfectly, in two weeks, our quilts will be revealed to each other.

Trust me, you'll hear about it!

So hear you go... another sneak peek!


quiltycat said...

I love your WOW too!...and I look forward to see the whole quilt!

Clare said...

I love WOW. Can't wait for the unveiling.