Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Doll Quilt Swap 9, Received!

I had a very busy day yesterday. I visited Quilted Threads in the morning (more on that later), had lunch with my Mom, and got home to this box from Jacque. As you can see, it was marked "DQS9." Woo hoo!Inside was not one, but TWO quilts! One for me, beautifully graphic, black and white and red and yellow:

There was also this little gem, for my cat,Millie!

As you can see, Millie wasted no time claiming ownership!
It's pretty clear she approves.

Thanks Jacque!


Sherry said...

It sure looks like Millie loves her quilt as much as you love yours.

Camie's Kitties said...

The quilt she made for you is very pretty, but I love Millie's quilt. I love the black and white with the green border. It's very stunning. It really makes me wish I had the time to get into quilting. My mother quilted, and I often helped her, but working full time and going to school 17+ hours a week, plus homework leaves very little time to pursue hobbies.


Zany Quilter said...

How nice that she sent the extra quilt for your cat!!! And I loved the daft zebras quilt--nice work!

Megan said...

How lovely to send an extra quilt for Millie - and doesn't she look gorgeous on it? It's also very clever of Millie to understand which quilt one was hers and that she should sit down and start shedding fur on it immediately. Gotta love that cat!

Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

Lucky Millie!

Em said...

I love that your kitty was gifted an adorable quilt, HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!