Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Small Detour

Two years ago, when I started making what have come to be called "Gizzy Quilts," I heard from a lot of cat owners asking if I needed fabric. Michaela, from London, asked if I could make use of some fabric she had bought, but never used. I said sure.
Over the course of the next year Michaela sent me four packages, each filled with fabulous fabrics, in one or two yard cuts. In all, there was at least fifteen yards. Her only request? That I make two quilts for her two tuxedo kitties, Lyra and Caesar. She was very specific about which fabrics she wanted for their Gizzy quilts, but she asked me not to start until she had sent me everything.Well, the USPS is raising postage prices on Monday, so I thought I had best get the quilts finished and shipped before the prices went up. So here they are. I quilted them last night, and then made the binding. I hope to finish them later tonight.

So "Slither" is slated for Saturday.

(My son is coming over for dinner on Friday.)


Jackie said...

What a nice swap! I am sure that she will love them very much. Now hurry off to the post office.

Sara said...

Those are so cute...