Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I hate a messy workspace

Making wonky quilts really does make a mess in the studio. Looking for bits and strings, and small pieces in every box and bin and pile just gets really messy.Boxes overflowing with stuff, stacked willy-nilly, teetering towers of long strips of fabric,

all make me competely stressed out, and scatter my energy.
There comes a time when the piles have to be organized, and wrinkled stuff has to be ironed and then stacked neatly in bins and hung on racks.
Somewhere in all these pictures is the 4 am quilt for the baby; the messy brown and olives from the selvage bags and the yellow and orange and pink strips that will become custom Gizzy quilts and I can't make sense of it until I clean it all up.

*edited this morning. Damn, I must have been tired last night!


Clare said...

I know exactly what you mean!

Sherry said...

I know how you feel. My house can be a mess and I can deal with that. Then when my sewing room is a mess I ho crazy. Whis you the best in fixing it. But you did give me a great idea on putting my strips on a hanger. GREAT IDEA.

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I understand how making scrappy quilts can make a sewing room messy. Mine gets that way from time to time but I am trying hard to work on keeping it cleaner than in the past - I like being able to just go in there and figure out what to sew and go find the right scrap bin to work from.
I like the idea of hanging the strips on the hanger but I don't have a closet in my sewing area. I use bins, basket and shoe boxes for mine.

upstateLisa said...

wonky, scrappy... it does make for an untidy work area... but it is all part of the creative process!