Friday, April 3, 2009

How Big a Bag?

Once you know what you want your bag for, you have to decide how big you should make it. Some things are big, so you should make a big bag, and some things are small. Here are some bags I have bought over the years. The ruler next to them is 24", so you can get an idea for size.

I wish I had had this bag when I was in Art School. It is made of canvas, and is big enough to hold an 18" x 24" pad of drawing paper. It isn't very deep, about 2". This is just a basic tote bag. You could make this.

I used this black bag for a long time, until something spilled on it, and I washed it. After that, I didn't like it so much. It is a basic tote bag, with one variation. It has a zipper closure across the top of the whole bag. Looking at it now (Lynne slaps forehead) I realize that it's just an oversized zippered pouch, and I can do that. You can too. THE BEST tutorial I have ever found for zippered pouches is here, at twelve22.

This red bag came from Jerry's Artarama. It's long and narrow with an open top and mesh pockets on each side. The pocket on the front has a velcro tab to keep it closed.

I got this green bag free with an order from Cheap Joe's Art Supplies. It's 10" wide by 14" tall and 3-1/2" deep. (actually it's a perfect size for everyday stuff.) It's made from cotton twill and the handles are colorful webbing. (This is another basic tote bag.)

I bought this little bag at a street fair in town. It's about nine inches square and has a zipper closure. It's really nothing more than a zippered pouch (a la Twelve22) with a strap.

I found this little denim bag at a big chain craft store for less than $5.00. It's about 9" tall by 7" wide. It was the inspiration for my toolbag.

Here are two bags I have made that aren't basic tote bags. Both are drawstring bags. The first has a round bottom. It holds a rolled up quilted chessboard and chess pieces. The other is simply a drawstring bag to hold plastic toys.

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