Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Bento Blocks

I am really having fun making these as "leaders and enders." Sometimes I like a pair so much, I just make the block. These are all from my stash, by the way.

This quilt now has a home, and it will be king size, 7 blocks by 9. So I need to design 9 more.


Sharon said...

I'm loving your Bento blocks! I think my fave is the red and ticking one. I too love checkerboards and graphic designs, so this one is really appealing to me! May have to add it to the list. I can see where making those blocks would get obsessive. Have fun playing!

T said...

I just love the look of these blocks! I've always put off making any because I thought they were made in a log cabin fashion (BO-ring!). I think I can see how you've pieced yours (or could piece yours) using a strip piecing method - and THAT is something I can get into.

:sigh: Another one for the Wanna-Do files!